Halls and chambers

The tour takes you through a range of halls and chambers ornamented with unique salt statues and carvings, as healthy as, a display of the evolution of mining all through the ages.The highlight of the tour is the marvellous shelter of St. Kinga, with the altar every complete of salt and the false, underground lake. Moreover, owing to its unique micro-atmosphere, The Wieliczka Salt Mine is a famous hospital designed for allergies and additional breathing circumstances.

You can see

salt Go there with Salt mine Tour Hi there! We by Salt mine Tour would love to help you visit one of our proud metropolis’s most well-known monuments: the Wieliczka Salt Mineat you convenience. Only a short make beginning your hotel before the city heart, The Wieliczka Salt Mine offers an treasured practice. Created in the XIII century it has been operating constantly untill 2007. However, the mine is unmoving breathing – over a million populace annually thrust keen on its heart in a couple hour-long tour.

The 3.5-kilometer journey leads downwards from side to side stunning halls and chambers is surprisingly trouble-free and enjoyable; fitting meant for people of all ages and smooth easy to get to resting on a wheel-chair.


The underground

SALT MINEThe underground tunnels get you long-ago an underground lake and into the amazing underground temple of St.Kinga, which is complete of and completely festooned with salt. The Wieliczka Salt Mine is a UNESCO World Heritage site and it’s the place to visit when in Kraków. Could we help you distinguish it? Visit Salt mine Tour Hi!




I’ve presently explored The Wieliczka Salt Mine and I totally loved it! I heard on or after a friend that it’s incredible and sought to perceive it on my possess. I used up a couple of hours underground wandering from end to end the frosty unused shafts and marveled whenever I entered the subsequently chamber. You observe, the lot there is completed of Salt! The mine is full with statues and carvings in salt, present smooth is an underground lake!


Salt in WieliczkaMy guide was a enjoyable elderly lady who knew what she was talking about as she lead us increasingly downwards. She liked to advise us restricted folk myths and legends, which was pretty motivating. I bought some strange kinds of salt meant for my Pa next to the shop in attendance; I on no account knew there were therefore lots of variations of it!

The greatest fixation is that with Salt mine Tour it took me only a half-hour coerce beginning my hotel in Kraków to get there! If you’re tiresome to escape the endure in Kraków, why don’t you go where where it has no reach?

On the outskirts of the city you can discover a UNESCO World heritage location, the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Time seems to have stood unmoving at this time, the conditions downward in the mine are alike to the conditions in the medieval time. It’s pleasantly cool, with the temperature of approximately 16 C, which is just true intended for the underground two-hour-long trip. When you understand the depth of the mine you can’t fail to admire the talents of the miners.